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improv in the houseRoad Shows, Benefits and Improv in the House

Last season we performed at weddings, at a food bank benefit, and for the community out on Anderson Island! We're scheduled to return to McCleary and Anderson Island next season and are open to playing at your event as well. We also do a unique show called improv in the house. It's an improv show that comes to you and your friends. A small improv troupe comes to your house and puts on a show right there in your living room. They promise not to steal anything and you promise to pop some popcorn for the performance. (The improvisers require popcorn. The smell of popping corn is essential to our milieu, or shtick if you prefer, don't ask............)

It's also a Philanthropic Event!

So, you need to assure an attendance of 10 people. They need to donate $10 bucks a person which benefits a local Olympia charity. You have to provide a space of 9X11 ft for us to perform in. It's easy and cheap and fun. You and your friends would spend more on a bad movie and treats at the multiplex. And you don't have to go out in the rain to see it. The show comes to you and your friends right there in your own house! Improv in the House builds community and supports essential home town services. Good entertainment and good deeds all in one not so tidy package.


Schedule a Benefit, a Road Show or Improv at Your House!

Contact or call 360-481-5989 to arrange a performance or ask a question.

The Improv Bench

The improv bench is our incubator for new improvisers. People who have been through classwork and convene regularly to grow in their improv skills. Look for new performers in the mix by next season.


For your viewing pleasure, we've included a few videos from master teachers. Enjoy!

In the following video, Keith Johnstone leaves a message for the Applied Improv Network Improvisers:

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This video presents part of a Mask workshop directed by Keith Johnstone and Steve Jarand. Mask work is wonderful and powerful stuff.

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